PVC IBIZA offers individual solutions for every need. Our products fulfil the greatest expectations for design, quality and function.


You can save energy with our PVC or aluminium windows and doors. We offer you an individual heat- and noise-absorbent glazing.


Our window and door fittings meet European standards for security and provide multiple solutions for anti-burglary protection.

Comfort and Design

Within our profiles are comprehensive design possibilities. We offer solutions for every house and every wish. The colour palettes available in PVC and aluminium fulfil even the most extravagant design demands.


We have the most modern door technologies for house doors available, ranging from sliding doors and balcony doors to arched doorways and folding doors.

Our materials are equipped with the GU-BKS fitting programme, which makes a wide variety of special designs possible.

The comprehensive locks-and-fittings programme from GU-BKS represents state-of-the-art technology.


The windows of a house are its eyes to the world. Look through your windows and enter the beautiful natural world of IBIZA.

Come to us and we will advise you. We offer everything from:

  • one- or two-casement turn-and-tilt windows
  • sliding windows
  • folding windows (for opening completely)
  • arched windows
  • custom builds (triangular windows, etc.)
  • Just ask. Our team of experts will find a solution!


    These custom builds are our specialty.

    For over 13 years, we have been solving our clients’ space and shade problems.

    With our help, you can gain more living space and make your dreams become a reality.

    Let the pictures stimulate you and your imagination to new ideas for open terraces, roofed verandas or balconies.

    We are the experts who come with solutions.


    PVC IBIZA provides full service.

    From the first advising session to the last finished window, you can lean back, relax and watch experts at work.

  • Advice: Professional consulting on-site and in our showroom
  • Measurements
  • Removal: Quick and professional removal of existing windows
  • Installation: Assembly of the new elements
  • Finishing touches: Repair of walls opened during installation
  • Disposal: Free recycling of any removed window elements

    1. Screen doors and windows

    Summer doesn’t only have a sunny side, so we provide a range of solutions for protection from mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

  • horizontally rollable
  • vertically rollable
  • sliding doors, etc.
  • This kind of protection is especially nice in kitchens and eating areas.

    2. Shutters and roller blinds

    For protection from sun, wind, noise and moisture and for additional security:

  • Choose our PVC or aluminium roller blinds with hardened foam slats
  • Or our shutters with movable or fixed slats
  • 3. Marquees and awnings

    Marquees and awnings in all shapes and colours for the individual design of your garden or terrace.

    4. Banisters

    Security protection for terraces, balconies and swimming pools.

  • Aluminium guard railings in all shapes and colours.

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